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Crocodile Appears…

Crocodiles have come back.

090910_bglktytbk065_13809s A crocodile has appeared in the village of Guwechaunji, where JEN is promoting school construction and disaster prevention training. Unfortunately, some domestic pigs were attacked and eaten by this crocodile. This area used to be a habitat of crocodiles; however, since the cyclone, not one had been seen. It seems that they have returned from hiding.

In the neighboring village of Tabochon, JEN and the villagers have worked together to build two bridges These bridges seem to be useful not just in terms of  crossing the river during a high tide, but also in terms of protecting children from crocodiles.

Nowadays, Myanmar has seen an unprecedented number of tornados that produce some casualities. Villagers’ pain is far from being overcome — while much more time is needed for the recovery from the cyclone, the villagers now also have the crocodiles to worry about.

Despite such conditions, villagers’ lives are gradually improving towards secure and independent living, thanks to JEN’s support.

September 10, 2009 in Myanmar |