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Blossom for the future

090924_20090912swatassessment_gulba   300 schools are completely destroyed in the valley of Swat due to the recent war. It shows the same image as the Kashmir and NWFP earthquake in 2005.

  This time it is not because of earthquake, but it is done intentionally by human being. Students of Swat are very intelligent and brilliant in their studies, what is the reason why currently Large number of Swat people have a  position in civil services. Swat is located in NWFP where is not such favourable for the female education, because of cultural and religious restrictions. But, still the ratio of male and female students is almost the equal.

  The school buildings of Swat were very nice. Students and teachers were taking much care of school gardens and flowers. We saw nice flowers in the lawns of almost every destroyed school which make us sad, there are no students and no building but flowers are still there. People are hoping that good time will come again when there will be a new school building with the same flowers in the lawn and their children will take care of those flowers.

  In Swat, education sector needs a big support from every one.

September 24, 2009 in Pakistan |