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A New Project, and a New Phase in the Eastern Province!

090917 JEN launched its second phase assistance for IDPs* who had returned in Batticaloa District of Eastern Province in September, whilst also working on emergency and humanitarian aids in Northern Province.
(*IDP: internally displaced person)

In the previous phase, assistance started in October. JEN supported those IDPs who just retuned to get back to their own jobs. JEN will target more people in the second phase who have been struggling to survive without opportunities to restore their livelihoods due to the long civil war.

JEN realized after various interviews that local people need wells in order to secure water for better production and thus higher income from agricultural activities in dry season (from April to September). JEN will enable the community to construct 40 wells and O&M for one year. At least eight households per one well are expected to join.

The second phase of assistance will be financially supported by the Government of Japan, Chabo! Group and other individual supporters like its first phase had been. JEN recently had members of Chabo! Group (Ms. Katsuma and Ms. Takano) visit project sites of both phases.

090917_2 The Project Contract for the second phase was signed at the Embassy of Japan on 8th September. JEN highly appreciates your support and cooperation and will keep you updated with the project progress.

September 17, 2009 |