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A new house where no one lived

090917_20090913swatassessment_kabal    Recently JEN staff completed a rapid needs assessment in the beautiful Swat valley. It was unbelievable to see such a lot of damages in this once peaceful area.

  JEN staff had visited here 2.5 years ago with his family and found every one lived happily in the valley. People were running their businesses, children were going to the schools, females were going to the markets for shopping etc.

  Today, everything has been changed drastically, due to the war. People have a fear that any incidents can happen anytime, so they prefer to stay at home, instead of going out.

  JEN staff met a person whose newly constructed house was totally destroyed. The house owner said that he sold his farming land to build this house and they were planning for their son's marriage, but unfortunately the security situation became worst and everything changed suddenly. They had to leave their house with all the belongings inside the house, and became IDP. After 2 months, when they returned to their house, not only they couldn’t see it at all, but just a ground with a huge amount of Debris. He lost everything he made for his family to live happily. His old mother became unconscious due to the shock. 090917_20090913swatassessment_kab_2

  Life treated him and his family badly, now he doesn’t have land to sell anymore, and will start reconstructing his house. He doesn’t know if it is possible for him to recover fully from this incident, but he is still hoping best for him and his family.   

September 17, 2009 in Pakistan |