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The cooperation and leader ship amongst the beneficiaries

The project of “Toilet Construction and Hygiene Education” is implementing by JEN at Sallithivu in Vaharai. The 50 beneficiaries are involving in the project. The project is moving with beneficiaries’ participation. They should do the dig work for latrine construction.

090813ptt_wab_article_photo  Who is the woman standing on the picture Tharmalingam Nirojini living along with a child. She is a widow nobody to support her. Also, she is one of beneficiary for the construction project. In the circumstances she has contacted JEN staff and expressed her situation. The JEN PTT staff have contacted the team which formed already by JEN staff before commence the construction work. (We have formed ten groups five member are involving in a group for support like those activities in the site). In order to they have come to her place and given support to the beneficiary.

We could look around the situation there. After that, she was happy and served (given water to the peoples) them who were working at the place.This was a great movement in the site and we could felt that “if motivate the village peoples, they can make solution for any problems.

The event store has written by V.Sujitharan, Field Coodinator support with PTT staff.

August 10, 2009 in Sri Lanka |