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Only 10 minutes.

  In the IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) camp, I saw many sad stories, but I am going to focus on one of them. 

  I met one pregnant woman there. She was walking on the road in side of the camp. When I started to talk with her, she was crying. She said that by this war so many people were injured by shelling and bombing also there was no medical facilities. Even though there is not such a problem in this IDP camp, I am desperate to go back home seeing my parents. Since they give Special Food and mental support, it will be very helpful to me and my child. They are waiting for me in front of the camp with their tears. When they come to see me, police allow them to talk with me only for 10 minutes, which is not enough to share our feelings. Any how, I want to live with my parents at our home. I am waiting for the day with lot of wishes and expects.

(Sureshkumar, Field Officer, Vavuniya Office)

August 18, 2009 in Sri Lanka |