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Old House Restoration is Close to Completion

090723_4img_3747     All walls have been plastered, and varnish put on the pillars dried and turned to good colour.  The floor is shining as it has been waxed.  New straw-mats (tatami) have arrived, and all we have to do for  people to stay is to install electricity.

  Volunteers were installing tanks for irrigation and storage of natural water from the mountains.  Also they were putting bricks on the flower beds.

  A name of this house is now being considered by Tokamachi Regional Development Planning Committee.  Please let Tokamachi Regional Development Planning Committee (chiikiokoshi@gmail.com)know if you have a name which you think “This is it!”.  We look forward to an adorable and wonderful name.

  We have one more topic this time.  On July 26th Echigo-Tsumari Triennale (Daichi-no Geijutu-sai) started.  There are full of installation art works, which are too unconventional to understand, from all over the world.

  This is 4th session of this festival this year and a work has shown up at Iketani!  It is “Mori-no-Hitokakera (A Piece of the Forest )”  created by an artist / architect; Ms Shoko Fukuya.  Many swings are placed at grove of beech trees. We can actually ride on these swings, and the swings look like “Heidi’s swing” as those are hanged by long wires from high place of the trees.  Adults even enjoyed that as if they were children.

  Further more, in Bon Festival period this year, a festival will take place in Iketani!.  Bon-Dance festival will revive after 30 years absence!  What is more, we will dance to live songs and live Japanese drums.  All villagers in Iketani are really looking forward to this Bon-Dance festival. (Click here for details)

  Get together at the Iketani Blanch School at August 15th night!  Please join us!

  Village revitalization volunteers are wanted.
  (Click here for details)

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