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Hospitality of Pashtun People

The old Pashtuns were very famous for their hospitality.

This was an important element of their culture. Many books and articles are available on Pashtuns culture and habits which clearly mention their love and care with the guests.

Some critics says that from last few years their habit of hospitality has been changed because the world is changing and people don’t take much care of their traditions and cultures, but last 4 months has proved those critics wrong when the world saw the greatest example of hospitality in NWFP.

Host families opened their doors for the IDPs guests of Buner and Swat. They shared their food, accommodation, toilets, and beds, cooking pans and many other things with the guests who couldn't bring anything with them because of sudden emergency in their areas.

During the interviews and meetings with the IDPs many of them said that they are feeling the host families as their personal families. JEN staff saw a host family who gave their only Electric Pedestal fan to an IDP family which have 5 children and they were suffering with the hot weather. During the IDPs stay in the various cities of NWFP, we saw the tremendous spirit of hospitality. 

After JEN provided beds, fans, gas cylinders, kitchen and hygiene sets to the IDP families, many of those families returned the items to the host families with a lot of thanks.

August 13, 2009 in Pakistan |