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Hardship of Field Work

090813_2009junesdkajokeji_roadcondi   I have been in charge of the Admin and finance in Juba office.  In July, I had a chance to visit Kashokeji district, where JEN has been working for and with the local people. I left for the district with the following purposes and anticipationsin my mind:to see hygiene education promoters, who were recently employed, to take part in the preliminary research for the hygiene education in school, andto visit the region near the Ugandan border

  On the very day of departure, however, many unexpected accidents occurred, such as the necessity to arrange the substitute car and the accommodation on the way, because the car got out of order in bad road conditions. Early departure on the next morning enabled me to get to Kashokeji at noon.  After an exhausting trip, it was a great pleasure to see the hygiene education promoters, who seemed so happy to offer hygiene education to school children.

  (picture: A road to Kashokeji, looks like just a grassy plain,    Taken from the car,  July 2009)

  This trip turned out to be a good opportunity to know the hardship of field work. I will keep supporting the local staff working in the field, and will work hard in Juba office so that JEN can give effective support to people in Sudan to improve their lives.

August 21, 2009 in South Sudan |