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For the future of returnees

  Internally Displaced People (IDPs) from Swat received relief items from many humanitarian organizations while they were spending life in camps or with host families.

  After the clearance of some areas in Swat, IDP has been started to return to their hometown. During this period, JEN's staff interviewed some people from Swat who were about to go back to their origin. One of them told us that

“Many organizations supported us when we were facing terrible situation and were in need of help. We are very satisfied by the packages because these items have almost fulfilled our needs. Now we are going back with hope to our new life. However, in our hometown, there are some destroyed places such as houses, schools, hospitals, water system caused by the conflict.

Our children may not have enough places for studying. Some tents are provided by army on temporary base in the schools.

Winter season in Swat starts early as it is mountainous area. Children get traumatized during conflict which badly impacts their studies. Now we are looking for children studying in schools with fully recharged."

August 20, 2009 in Pakistan |