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Feelings on Independence Day

090827_independence_day_image   Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947. Pakistani nation celebrate this day with great pomp and shown every year. People of Pakistan wait very anxiously for the celebration of Independence Day.

  Being patriotic citizens of Pakistan people of Swat also celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. But this year people of some of Swat people were out of Swat because of war between security forces and militants. They moved to other parts of the country to secure their children, women and aged people from war.

  On Independence Day JEN staff visited field while some IDP’s of Swat were returning to their hometown. Meanwhile JEN staff talked to some people from Swat regarding their returning and Independence Day. They said that “we are celebrating double independence, because one is for Pakistan independence and the second is that we are going back to our hometown. Because after clearance of our areas we fell very happy that war is over and now we can spend same secure life as we were spending before the war.” Their eyes were full of tears but this time these tears were not because of fear and worries but because of happiness.

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