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Dance And Frog

090903_20090803_jpf2_kajo_keji_akub   Assisted by supporters and Japan Platform since April 2009, JEN has continued with hygiene education at elementary schools in Morobo district and Kashokeji district, located in Central Equatoria State. Let me show what children can learn through the education.

  As a first step to introduce the hygiene education, children were encouraged to find problems in their daily lives that relate to hygiene education.  For students in 4th grade to 6th grade, they were asked to draw any one scene in his or her daily life. Then, they talked about their drawings, and made a story with 4 drawings.

  The purpose of this work was to let children find the problems concerning water hygiene in their lives. But drawings and stories, written by the children, were full of fresh new ideas, not influenced by the hygiene problems.

  For example, some students drew frogs as main characters in the daily life, and others drew scenes like " catching bees" and " cutting trees ". These are scenes that children feel the most familiar in their daily lives.

  When asked "What do you think is the problem in your everyday life?", a student answered "dance". His reason was that he thought "dance" was closely related to drinking alcohol.

  Though this kind of answers seem at the first place irrelevant to the concerned question, it shows that children think about problems in their daily life very seriously. It was actually a great relief that there were less model answers of hygiene education.

August 20, 2009 in South Sudan |