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Maintain good partnership

090604_no1h_71_low   JEN’s Afghanistan program, school rehabilitation program that started from April is proceeded smoothly. Recruiting constructors for the next coming project runs parallel as well.

  JEN has its activity in Afghanistan since 2001, but, still up to the year 2009, selecting constructors is one of the most important, tedious and the most difficult.

  That is because, since autumn 2007, major operation has been shifted to manage remotely from neigbouring country, Islamabad, Pakistan, thus, it requires a lot of effort to comply the extra works. It is an extremely tough task to maintain the good relationship with the suppliers in such circumstances in Afghanistan.

  In Afghanistan, it is not rare to receive employment applications from connection and legacy, and it difficult to find constructors that match our criteria. This time, from a multiple UN related offices in Kabul, we were introduced a number of local constructors. We are negotiating to develop partnership with them at the moment.

  In such remote management, we cannot come up with new change, unless we improve the the way to work. JEN would like to consistently dedicate our effort to develop the network with the local constructors, the government and  the international organizations from Islamabad.

August 13, 2009 in Afghanistan |