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Can’t go to school because of the rainy season…

090827_bglktytbk048_23709s Currently, JEN is supporting construction of several small bridges in the villages we have distributed our shelter-kits. In these villages, all the houses were washed away by the cyclone. Some afflicted villagers built their new houses at different locations after the cyclone in order to gain more security against similar disasters in the future. Among them, some who did not need to cross the rivers to go to their school or monastery from their previous houses, now need to cross the rivers.

090827_bglktytbk071_23709s During the dry season, villagers were able to walk across these rivers, since water level is low; however, now during the rainy season, though it is possible to cross the rivers during a low tide, even adults can hardly reach the bottom of the during a high tide. In such a circumstance, children cannot attend school and monks are unable to go to their monastery.

JEN was asked to provide assistance regarding bridges by such villagers. After our survey,  JEN realized that rivers are causing barriers to having an ordinary village life. Therefore, on the condition that villagers will build bridges themselves between rice planting labor, JEN is proving materials for these bridges. Villagers are very cooperative and construction is ahead of schedule in the village Dabochon, shown in the image. In the beginning, JEN was anxious whether villagers were capable of building such bridges themselves with only a limited number of tools. However, given the current progress, we are now confident that villagers can build them by themselves.

090827_bglktytbk078_23709s JEN is hoping from the bottom of our heart that the bridges will be built soon and all the villagers will be able to attend school and go to monastery safely.

August 27, 2009 in Myanmar |