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Welcome Back Home

090723_idp_return_2_resize_2   At last, Government and Pakistan Army announced that some areas of Swat are clear and IDPs(Internally Displaced People) should return to their origin. Soon after the announcement, hundreds of families started to pack their luggage and hired the vehicles for their return. IDPs in camps have facility to use the Buses and Trucks provided by the Government.

  Many IDPs living outside camps hired their own public transport to go back as soon as possible, they didn’t even wait for their areas to be cleared by Army. Army in Swat sent many families back to Mardan and Swabi, because their areas were not safe to return. Government has made the policy of their return which is based on the security situation of their areas. IDPs whose houses are in the dangerous and unclear area are not allowed to go back yet, but they are also waiting desperately to go back to their homes and start to live in their houses.

  JEN has provided the support to the IDPs living in the host families and schools buildings. JEN Staff went for monitoring to a school building, where one of those families living, have received support 3 weeks ago, but they were ready to go back, we could see the smiley faces of children, old people and women who were ready to go.090723_idp_return_3_resize_2

  However, many families who fled from their home town have not been able to go back to their home yet. Many families didn’t have the enough necessary items to use in their temporary spaces. Not enough kitchen items, beds and nothing for their hygiene, but after JEN provided them the support, at least some families said they were able to live normally in the school rooms and with the host families.

090723_idp_return_resize_2   Nobody is sure about the future, but all of them are hoping a normal life in their areas.

=== Emergency Assistance in NWFP ===

JEN has started its emergency assistance in the area of NWFP,


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