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Treasure Hunt in Iketani and Iriyama

 On July 4th, A“Treasure Hunt in Iketani” was carried out as one of the village revitalization projects.

  There were 19 participants this time and they mainly came from FedEx.  NPO Community of School (Machizukuri-Gakko)  kindly contributed to facilitate this event.

  The purpose of the treasure hunt was to discover the attractive part of Iketani by the participants from outside of the village.  The villagers excited to share and discover the hidden secrets of Iketani with outside visitors that encourage all of you them to revitalize the v090709_r0017697_lowillage.  There were many wonderful surprises newly discovered in Iketani and Iriyama and they were there for adults , children  foreigners(!) and the villagers to discover.

  During the hectic volunteer activity, they discovered many things, too. For example, they were taught traditional recreations, such as bamboo-leaf-boats, water guns, catching beetles and fireflies.  It was a great experience for the children.  In addition, they experienced the culture of the village and the greatness of tradition by a culinary class took place as a part of the activity, which was taught by the village women.

  In Iketani, the villagers are planning a Bon-Dance festival first time after 30years of absence.  More information will follow.  Please look forward to it!

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