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Traffic Jam

Traffic_jam1The IDPs are returning to their villages after the peace in their regions.  They just passed the worst time of their lives. The hot weather of Mardan and Swabi was too difficult for those IDPs who belong to the areas of Swat and Upper Buner, where they use blankets to sleep in the month of July. They used to drink fresh springs water daily which was naturally clean and hygienic. Those people had to drink the water carried by water tankers from the different government water tanks in the cities.

Even though IDPs are grateful for these support, no one knows if that water was clean enough for drinking or not.Some of them couldn’t acclimatize with the harsh weather of Swabi and Mardan, that's why JEN staff saw many IDP children with skin diseases.

Main road to Malakand which is also going to JEN's targeted Union Council in Mardan is always busy with the heavy traffic every day. The traffic is jam for hours. Hundreds of cars, busses and trucks are going back to Swat every day. People who brought their livestock with them are hiring pickups and trucks to carry their livestock. Due to this traffic jam JEN staff is always late to reach for assessment and distribution, but as the days are long so staff successfully finish their work before evening and return to Swabi, which is 75 KM far from the site in Mardan.

July 31, 2009 in Pakistan |