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Teamwork 2

090716_resized_2   Late night on July the 6th, the Program Officer who is in charge of Afghanistan and Pakistan of the Tokyo headquarter arrived at Islamabad. Even though it was late at night, the airport was crowded with people and we could feel the heat of Pakistan.

  From the next day, the Afghanistani staff, the Pakistani staff, Japanese and French staff who already arrived in Pakistan started the meeting to exchange information under the slogan “one team= two projects” removing the barriers between each countries projects.

  Opinions were exchanged, such as the progress of the program, the problems and the upcoming strategy. Since the staffs do not have a face to face meeting daily, the meeting time went very quickly and overran the schedule.

  The other night, we all had a Pakistani dinner with the spectaculer view on top of the hill. The scenery from the hill was worth a beautiful one to watch. The time was past 9PM still the weekday but the restaurant was filled with families. With the delicious dinner, we were talking about personal topics other than our work.

  Of course in an Islamic nation, under it's regulation, we are not able to drink alcohol but it was a very nice opportunity for the staff to understand each other.

  Due to the security reasons, it is not possible for the international staff to go the field office most of the time, to support our local staff on spot. But it was very fruitful for the Japanese, Afghanistani and Pakistani staff to meet together since they live apart.

  This must give a progress and strong team work to promote our projects in the future.

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