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Solving problems using local materials and methods

090709neemtea   In southern Sudan, we can find a tree named “Neem” everywhere.  A tea made from its leaves is believed to help cure all kinds of diseases because it helps boost the immune system.  It is said that the tea works especially as a prevention and cure for Malaria which many people in Sudan have often suffered.

  It is said that diseases breed more easily in the rainy season.  Therefore we asked local staff to bring Neem leaves and make tea from it. We took a sip, it was much bitterer than we imagined.  It is no exaggeration to say that the taste was the bitterest we have ever tasted!  When we took one more sip, the strong taste was spread in our mouth again and we feel like needed something sweet immediately.  We thought that the Japanese saying “ a bitter pill has the best effects” truly describes this.  Local people drink this with sugar or honey as it is too bitter.

  Since we know Neem can be easily obtained, we have regularly kept Neem tea in our fridge.  When we feel under the weather we drink Neem tea.  We look after our health following JEN’s policy of solving problems using local materials and methods.

July 9, 2009 in South Sudan |