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Hope for the next spring

  Nobody in Swat knew in the beginning of previous spring season that the big disaster is on their doorsteps.

  All the farmers ploughed their farms and prepared land to cultivate wheat and onions. Wheat is the main crop of this area while peach is the main fruit. Peaches blossom in the beginning of spring season.

  During the interviews every person said

“Last spring season was ideal for agriculture as the rains were raining properly through out spring and beginning of summer and it was perfect for our crops and fruits farms. They said “We were happy that this year we will be able to save some money from their farming and will use this money to repair their old houses, children’s education, daughter’s marriages or for their families medical treatment.”

  But unfortunately none of their wish completed due to the worst conflict in their areas. Their crops and fruits were ready but there was no one to harvest it.

  Many of the farmers fled their houses and living far from their villages. They said

“Every day when we think about their beautiful crops which are spoiled now and fertile lands, we become frustrated but when we think that another spring will be coming next year and we will work harder so it make us happy again.”

  A new life is waiting for them in their own region.

=== Emergency Assistance in NWFP ===

JEN has started its emergency assistance in the area of NWFP,


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