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An episode with a family from Swat

090709_swat_family3_low_2   Identification of sad stories is continued in our daily working hours in Mardan and Swabi Districts, where thousands of IDP families are living in. Many families are living with a lack of food, basic necessary daily life items, water and basic sanitation facilities. 

  Last week we entered in a house where we saw a lady with 10 children. Children were crying and quarrelling with each others. We came to know that those children and their mother didn’t eat dinner the night before nor breakfast this morning. We have ever heard such kind of stories of hunger in other continents, but it is too sad to see same condition of hunger in our country Pakistan, which is very famous for its agriculture and fertile land.

  We checked the kitchen where we couldn’t find any kind of food item at all. Just saw a glass and old jug filled with water, which wasn’t cold. Children were asking for food but her mother didn’t have any food available. They had a couple of beds and an old mattress on which they were sleeping.

  Same as many IDP families, this family also couldn’t register themselves with the Government. It was just because there isn’t any adult male and all the children were small to register by themselves. 090709_swat_family_2_low_2  

  JEN has been providing NFI support to the IDP families in the area and trying to improve their situations. Other organization supposes to cover all the IDPs for food distribution, but it is always impossible in such kind of emergencies to cover the entire area 100%.

  JEN staff came back to the office and discussed the issue with each others. Next day, JEN staff provided NFI set to that family and in addition to this, all of our colleagues here contributed their own money and bought some food items and toys for the children.

=== Emergency Assistance in NWFP ===

JEN has started its emergency assistance in the area of NWFP,


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