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Activities in the local area

090716_resized   There are concerns all over Afghanistan that the security situation is becoming worse. Especially,  southern and eastern areas close to the border to Pakistan, where tend to become worse. Even though there is a high need for assistance, there are many areas that need to pull out their activities.

  Incidents targeting foreigners are taking place quite frequently all over Afghanistan and the security for the supporting staff at the local area becomes a big burden occasionally.

  Due to unexpected security costs and the time consumption for security, it makes it difficult to accomplish the project within a limited budget and periods.

  Security must be kept in mind for projects in Afghanistan, the staffs of JEN are adjusting their activities daily due to numerous factors that interfere with the project. With support from various people, the local staffs working under numerous risks are making a lot of efforts, and with the tight connection between staff from Pakistan and Tokyo , projects in Afghanistan are being carried out.

We ask for your continual support.

July 30, 2009 in Afghanistan |