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Volunteers for restoration project of the old abondoned house, Urgently Wanted !!

090611_img_2348_low An old house in Iketani will be soon revived!

  Tokamachi Regional Development Planning Committee is currently renovating an abandoned house located just below of the Iketani Branch School where the Village Revitalization volunteers stay when the activity is held.

  In the future, the trainees for successors of the rice farmers( or specialist for Agriculture) will stay at this house.  The committee is planning the usage of the house which is not only for village revitalization volunteers but also for ordinary visitors when varieties of village events are held. Although the house was abandoned when the earthquake occurred, they have managed to sustain the building as the villagers have continued snow-shoveling of the roof in the winter and so on. 

There are many beams in the house therefore it is strong.  The house is made in wonderful taste like that of the Old Houses in Niigata, snowy region.  The committee wishes to complete the finishing phase of the renovation, such as the rendering of clay wall, papering sliding doors (SHOJI) and coating using the efforts of volunteers. 

If you are interested in the Old House Renovation in Iketani, please do not hesitate to contact to Tokamachi Regional Development Planning Committee or JEN (info@jen-npo.org ). (Reecruitment is open until July 2009)

June 11, 2009 in Niigata |