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This River is coming from my home

180609_idps_living_outside_camps__2   The conflict between militants and Pakistani army is ongoing in NWFP of Pakistan. Swat is one of the battlefields.

  The people of Swat who grown up with enjoy drinking fresh and cold springs and glacier water. They were eating balanced diet in Swat which contains fruit, milk, meat and other important items. It is one of the reasons that their average quality of life is richer than the people living in the cities or downhill areas. 

180609_idps_living_outside_camps__5   Swat is high altitude area, so it is always pleasant in the summer. Thousand of tourists from the other cities of Pakistan were coming with their families to enjoy the wonderful weather, long glaciers, beautiful lakes and vast green valleys.

  There are several rivers and streams in Swat, which extend the beauty of this area. The water of those rivers and streams is coming down to Mardan and Swabi , where JEN has started the support, and it is used by the people of Mardan and Swabi for farming and drinking.

  An old IDP man who lives along the river said

“whenever I see this river, it makes me sad and happy.” 180609_idps_living_outside_camps__6

He also said

“This branch of river is starting out from the glaciers of Kalam (swat) which is my hometown. People were using this water for farming, drinking and taking bath in our hometown, I miss my hometown. However, I am happy because I can still use this water here in Mardan although it is 100 Kilo Meters far from my hometown. It is not clean for drinking, but still my children and other people can use the same river to take a bath and at the same time it irrigates thousands of acres of fertile soil of Mardan and Swabi.

=== Emergency Assistance in NWFP ===

JEN has started its emergency assistance in the area of NWFP,


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