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The “Needs” discovered from the survey

090604_no1h_71   At the moment, while reconstructing the school at Paruwan province,  we are also conducting the survey for the next schools reconstruction.

  What JEN focuses on now is the water supply and sanitation situation in each school. Local staff members are interviewing over 60 schools and surveying the surrounding villages to see the sanitation situation. Presently, we have covered 80% of the area.

  JEN learned from the survey that lot of toilets at schools only had plain holes without sewers. Schools annexed to Mosques rarely have toilets with a water system. However, with an even higher need are schools in tents where children studying there have to relieve themselves in the open field.

  The number of children at school who receive safe and clean water from spring water and hand pump wells is extremely low. Most children at school drink water drained directly from a flowing canal which has not been treated preoperly. For this reason, children suffer from diarrhea.

  The teachers at school, parents and leaders of the village would like to provide safe and clean water for their children.

June 18, 2009 in Afghanistan |