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BREAKING NEWS: Humanitarian and Emergency Aid Start in Vavuniya

090618_water_truck_bowser_sample_lo   JEN has started its operation in Vavuniya District in the Northern Province.

  The civil war that lasted a quarter century finally came to an end last month. National flags flapped at every part of Colombo which showed the people’s delight. There were several large-scale commemoration parades also seen on the major streets in the city the other day.

  There still are, on the other hand, approximately 260,000 internally displaced people (IDPs) in Vavuniya District of the Northern Province who evacuated from the battle field in the same province as JEN reported in the previous flash report. JEN didn’t miss a moment to start its assistance to supply water for the IDPs in the refugee camps. JEN would like to express its gratitude to huge contributions from individual supporters and backups of the Japan Platform.

  JEN’s rapid assessments have so far found IDPs are overflowing in every camp. They are having severe shortages in water, food and other goods for their day-to-day lives. JEN will keep providing them with access to water, that is one of the basic requirements to improve the hygienic condition in the camp. While the refugee camp is a bridging place for them before they return home, JEN believes that securing a good life quality in the camp including proper water supply helps remove their anxieties.

  Your contribution is always welcome to save their lives.

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June 11, 2009 in Sri Lanka |