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Brave Lady of Swat

090625_brave_lady_of_swat1_low_2 I started to work with JEN as one of field assistants from last week. I am from Swabi and before I was working with a local organization. I found it very interesting to work with JEN, because I have chance to talk with community directly and I can know about their problems directly. During the assessment in UC Narai in District Mardan , I visited a school where a few IDP families were living in the school building; the situation there seemed getting worse. They told us that they feel us like angels, which will be supporting them in the future.

There I met a woman who leaded her family. She said that she has 7 children and her husband is disable who can’t earn enough money. They had a shop in Swat where the center of the conflict.  That shop was the only source of their income and after becoming IDPs, no more income for them. 090625_brave_lady_of_swat2_low_2
She told me her good experience after coming in Mardan. “When I realized the life condition which was getting worse in Mardan, I thought to start some work to support my family, but I didn’t have any resources to start work. I contacted the local families. One lady asked me if I could sew women’s clothes. I replied yes, so the lady from the host family gave me her personal sewing machine, threads and needles. I started to make the clothes of local women and they paid me enough money. I am very happy because many ladies in the village are contacting me to make their clothes. Now I can buy food for my family and medicine for my husband. It is all because of the kindness of local families, who helped me a lot. Without their help, I was unable to use my skills to earn money. “

=== Emergency Assistance in NWFP ===

JEN has started its emergency assistance in the area of NWFP,


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