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About JEN shelters

090604_no3_img_0171s_low   Thanks to the kind support from the Japan Platform and JEN's Supporters, JEN has completed the distribution of the shelter kits (a set of parts for a temporary house) to the sufferers whom lost their houses due the gigantic Cyclone. There are at least 50-plus NGOs which either distribute or construct shelters in the disaster area; however, JEN have distributed 4,500 sets —the largest figure amongst them.

  Shelter kits are made from materials which are familiar to villagers, such as bamboo, wood and dani (nypa), so that they can fix and repair them easily by themselves. The size of our shelter, that is 15.7m2, was decided based on the size of the other houses in the villages, number of family members whom survived and the opinions from the villagers. JEN have listened seriously to the villagers voice and have put huge efforts on deciding the size with careful consideration as to not to stress the villagers.
  In addition, JEN has strengthened the buildings by introducing methods which were new to this area. The first method was a braced frame — a method to connect pillars in x-shape. This method was not used in the village, although it can be found in modern cities such as Yangon. Second, the buildings were strengthened significantly by making the walls double-layer and stabilizing the foundations of the pillars with bricks, sands and cement. Our shelters kept steady even during the strong winds and this helped us gain trust from the villagers.

  Taking this opportunity, JEN would like to thank those that made a donation; JEN could not have carried out the support and aids on a large scale like this without your warm support. However, even though one year has passed, the conditions in the disaster area are not easy. Therefore, we hope for your continuous support in the future.


Reporting seminar re JEN Myanmar mission

June 19th, 2009

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