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Unity to recover- a year after the cyclone

090521_dscn8639s_low   The other day, JEN held the first year anniversary memorial service with the villagers for those who were killed by the cyclone.

  The monk of the village held the memorial service for the villagers mourning the lost. A lot of women were weeping. It has been a year, but still the pain in their mind remains. The staff from JEN attended the ceremony and were strongly moved. We felt again that the Buddhist faith is very close and precious for the people in Myanmar.

  After the memorial service, children and adults were eating all together. Being busy for the recovery in their daily life, the villagers cannot gather frequently as they did before. However small the assembly can be, we hope that the villagers will recover their ties, little by little.

  On this occasion, we again sincerely pray for the souls of the lost, killed by the cyclone “Nargis ”. JEN will continue its support hereafter so that the devastated area can recover soon as possible.

May 21, 2009 in Myanmar |

No Boundary Between Countries

090521_memories   I have been working in JEN Islamabad office for 3 months. It is the longest duration of my work here in the office. While it is nice to work together with office colleagues in the beautiful office, at the same time I miss that time of my field work.

  With JEN I spent my time as a field staff srrounded by the mountains, valleys and rivers of Kashmir and in the rugged areas of Baluchistan. Our previous field team reached to 25 people at one time for the peak period, when we had several different projects going on in Kashmir.090521_memories3

  We had both International and National staff, always working together. The atmosphere was always very nice, no matter how hard to deal with the projects. We were learning from each others, we were eating together and we were always joking with each others in night time.

  Sometimes, our other colleagues from Tokyo Headquarters had come to the field. That was a precious experience to work together with people from different back ground : TOKYO HQ international staff, Japanese International Staff in Pakistan, Pakistani national staff, and Kashmiri local Staff in the field.

090521_memories2   It was very encouraging to work in field together with the colleagues from Tokyo HQ and International staff in Pakistan. However, today, it is getting harder and harder for international staff to come to the field in Pakistan, due to the current volatile situation across the nation.


I miss at that time of working with my colleagues from Japan, Pakistan and Kashmir. Then, I hope to work together in the field again in the near future.

May 21, 2009 in Pakistan |


Concern of a mother

  Many people in FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) fled their homes and came to the safe cities of NWFP.

  Topics of conversation among people who live in an IDP (Internal Displaced People) camp in NWFP, where JEN has assessed potential needs, are about their health, security, and future jobs. Education for children seems serious concern particularly for their mothers. Due to a shortage of schools for children, not all children are able to go to school.

  When JEN assessed needs there, JEN staff met a woman who lost her husband and has 2 sons and 3 daughters. She said “In addition to a lack of schools, some societies are not supporting girl’s education. However, my sons and 2 daughters luckily go to school although one of my daughters doesn’t do so because of her age. When my daughters could not go to school yet, they were quite envious of other girls going to schools.

  Then I wanted to let them go to school.” She also mentioned “I lost my only house and am not living in my village now. However, the thing I am concerning most is that my children cannot continue their studies in their school due to the unstablity here.”

May 7, 2009 in Pakistan |