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Spring has come. - The day to remember -

  Spring has come in Afghanistan after a long harsh winter. The weather is fantastic. Trees, plants, and fields are covered in green in spring. We are filled with happiness although our life remains very difficult due to unemployment and lack of food. People start going out and go on a picnic.   

  In late April, we have a big event. It’s "Mujahideen Day". We celebrate the day since Mujahideen took over the control of Kabul from former president Najibullah’s communist government. It’s now a public holiday and people and children gather in mosques or in pubic halls to listen to speeches and remember the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan. 

  As far as this year’s event in Afghanistan is concerned, there is a big one which is due to take place in summer. It’s our presidential election after Hamid Karzai the current President of Afghanistan. People worry about a considerable worsening of Afghanistan’s security situation and have a complex feeling about the upcoming election.


April 23, 2009 in Afghanistan |