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Innocent Hussein

090312_hussein_and_co_1_low_2   Jackets Distribution for the children in affected areas of Baluchistan is over. We couldn’t do the distribution as we planned, because of various reasons. We planned with the teachers that JEN will give the jackets just to the school going children, because we knew that they are suffering from cold. The jackets will not only keep them safe from cold, but it will make them encourage going to the schools after that big earthquake.

  All the things were organized for the distribution in the school. We realized that the number of students were more then the lists. We saw many children who are not registered at School, but they were sitting in the queue to receive the jackets. It was a big problem for us at that time.

  While we were asking the teachers “why the extra students are there? We don’t have enough jackets to distribute. We have to distribute it to the other schools as well”; we didn’t realize that a little boy Hussein was standing besides us. He said that he will also come to study at school soon. We asked him “are you sure about it? And what is the reason of it”? He said “yes I will ask my father to admit me in the school tomorrow, because my friends can have such nice gifts in the school. If I come to the school I will also have such nice gifts”. 090312_hussein_and_co_low_3

  All the JEN team mates discussed the issue with each others, if we will ignore many children like Hussein, of course they will feel bad and maybe they will loose their interest in the school and studies.
We also discussed about the other students who will not receive the jackets because of the children like Hussein.

  At last, we decided to skip the schools which are located in the villages, where JEN had already distributed relief items during emergency phase, we were lucky that we haven’t announced the distribution to the children of the skipped schools yet.

  We gave the jackets to happy Hussein and other children who will join the schools from April this year.
To face this kind of problems are common in the field and sometimes it is very difficult to decide what to do.

  Maybe Hussein or one of his friends will be Doctor in the future…………

March 19, 2009 in Pakistan |