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090326_qsaim_car_2   Qaseem, JEN’s Driver in Afghan mission. He is a man who takes initiative for humanitarian activity. This vehicle belongs to him. This guy is so tough and is really hard working. He is taking so much care of his vehicle, maintains it very well, and wash it after the every field trip. He is also helpful for small repairs in our source of power=generators and finally, we call him “The little mechanic”.

  Last month, he got seriously ill and had paralysis on left part of body. He was taken to Peshawar (Pakistan) for initial treatment and was brought back for rest and medication. All staff of JEN was in shock at the news of his paralysis and feel really sorry. Now he is at his home. According to the local staff based in Kabul, his left hand is not moving but doctors says that after proper medication and rest of 6 months he will be able to work again.

  Qaseem has been working with JEN for almost 4 years and is so friendly and cooperative with each staff member. His best companion was a former JEN's international staff. He remembers many episodes and shares the stories with us. His job is the only income sourse for his family, which consist of 5 members (2 boys, 1 girl and a wife). JEN will continue to support him and his family till he comes back to work.090326_p8140021_low_3

  During the visit to Kabul  this time, I am missing his presence. And by seeing his car without him was so painful to me. We wish and pray to God for his best health.


March 26, 2009 in Afghanistan |

Apples of Balochistan

090326_apple_4   The sweeping valley of Ziarat district in southwest Pakistan, hit last year in October by a powerful earthquake, is famous for its Cherry and Apple production. All the orchards filled with golden and green apples.

  But the 6.4-magnitude tremor that destroyed homes and killed up to 300 people also felled many trees, robbing local apple industry workers of their livelihoods at a time when the sought-after crop was nearly ripe for harvest.

  Ziarat region is the largest apple and Cherry producer in Pakistan. It is the biggest source of income of the local people for the whole year.090326_apple_farms_2 

  Farm owners are hiring local poor people as a labor for those farms; most of those labors are JEN beneficiaries. They are working in the farms through out the year for different purposes. In January, they plough the fields. In February and March, they are spreading locally prepared animal dung in the farms as a urea.

  This process continues until the blossoms appear in the trees. The farmers are saying that, this is the most difficult stage for them. They are praying for the good weather. If it will be raining heavily and windy, it will break the blossoms, if there is no rain and a little rain, it also causes problem for the upcoming crops. There is always been shortage of water in Balochistan. The farming totally depends on the rain water. If there is no rain, it means the water will be short in the locally made dams. Once the blossoms will changed into fruits, the labors regularly put some chemical spray on the apples.

  When the apples are ready in the month of August, they are plucking it from the trees and packing it in the wooden cartons. Another team of labor is loading it in the in the trucks. This plucking, packing and loading process is continuing until December.

  Pakistan is one of the largest apple producing countries in the world and production of Apples in Balochistan covers 70% of the whole production of Pakistan. District Ziarat and District Pishin are the main areas of this production.

090326_apple_farms_1_3   The earthquake has destroyed many orchards in the affected region and rendered many people jobless and deprived their owners of their earnings. All the organizations worked hard to provide the basic necessary items to the affected population, but it will take time to gain, what they have lost.

March 26, 2009 in Pakistan |


Innocent Hussein

090312_hussein_and_co_1_low_2   Jackets Distribution for the children in affected areas of Baluchistan is over. We couldn’t do the distribution as we planned, because of various reasons. We planned with the teachers that JEN will give the jackets just to the school going children, because we knew that they are suffering from cold. The jackets will not only keep them safe from cold, but it will make them encourage going to the schools after that big earthquake.

  All the things were organized for the distribution in the school. We realized that the number of students were more then the lists. We saw many children who are not registered at School, but they were sitting in the queue to receive the jackets. It was a big problem for us at that time.

  While we were asking the teachers “why the extra students are there? We don’t have enough jackets to distribute. We have to distribute it to the other schools as well”; we didn’t realize that a little boy Hussein was standing besides us. He said that he will also come to study at school soon. We asked him “are you sure about it? And what is the reason of it”? He said “yes I will ask my father to admit me in the school tomorrow, because my friends can have such nice gifts in the school. If I come to the school I will also have such nice gifts”. 090312_hussein_and_co_low_3

  All the JEN team mates discussed the issue with each others, if we will ignore many children like Hussein, of course they will feel bad and maybe they will loose their interest in the school and studies.
We also discussed about the other students who will not receive the jackets because of the children like Hussein.

  At last, we decided to skip the schools which are located in the villages, where JEN had already distributed relief items during emergency phase, we were lucky that we haven’t announced the distribution to the children of the skipped schools yet.

  We gave the jackets to happy Hussein and other children who will join the schools from April this year.
To face this kind of problems are common in the field and sometimes it is very difficult to decide what to do.

  Maybe Hussein or one of his friends will be Doctor in the future…………

March 19, 2009 in Pakistan |


Certificate of completion and success

  When we start Hygiene Education Program (HEP) in to the sites for the first time we saw the situation and life condition of the people were very bad, due to their personal and public health. People didn't have knowledge about the way of having healthy lives and they did not know the relation of health with their daily lives. MOPH with other organization are working in this regard but there hard activities are not enough for the need of people, because the people suffered long terms war and they were away from knowledge to improve their lives condition in health field.

  Now, with the cooperation of International and Local organization activities for the improvement of people's capacity building is running in every parts of the country. But it needs more time to see the progress of the improvement because the program is not enough for the current large population of Afghanistan.

  JEN, as a partner of DOPH of Parwan started providing workshop for the students and villagers around Toghbirdi village, health condition and controlling from diseases were so weak and the people were in very difficult position of society life because of health bad condition.

  After JEN provided workshop people got knowledge about the way of having good and healthy lives and prevention of diseases in their future lives and improved their capacity for having good healthy lives.

  At the beginning of our program the people were not know about our purpose and type of our activities, when it became clear for them they started their hard thanks and appreciation from JEN and JEN staff and from other hands I got many request of program from other sites of areas by their community leaders.

Also when we start it was difficult of gathering of people in to class but after very short time we got cloud of people which was out of our target numbers.

HEP staff after passing of first week of program they were as a gust of community and they spend more days for getting lunch with the community in the villages.

HEP at the starting stage was boring for all team members (FO, HS, HP, HPA) it is because miss intrusting of all related parties but for the time binge it become very distrustful for all so now HPE team members are washing the continuation of program and from other side they are so happy for learning many new things from the program, therefore all staff had happy party for the success of program.

March 12, 2009 in Afghanistan |