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Sri Lanka in New Year 2009

090108_20081210_chenna_cultivation_   Greetings from Sri Lanka new year 2009. JEN in Sri Lanka wishes all the best for a happy and prosperous year. There was a massive operation by the Sri Lankan Army that brought Kilinochchi back to the government’s rule. Kilinochchi is located in the Northern Sri Lanka where anti-government armed force placed its headquarters. We will continue watching the security situation and remain prepared for any immediate assistance required  by the local people.

  The IDPs in the Eastern part of Sri Lanka, for whom JEN has supported since last year, still face tough times. Food supply from international organizations ended six months after their return. The Government’s capacity to feed them will not  last long. Many of them eat only once a day. They are presently having a  hard time getting food until they harvest their crops,.This will happen at the end of this month,  when they can gather food from the seeds they planted  at the beginning of rainy season.

  JEN now works on the second round of agriculture recovery assistance in which we distribute plant seeds when they harvest corn.

  JEN will keep helping those people left behind with lasting assistance, andcontinue to remain ready for possible future needs at any time that require an immediate move.

January 8, 2009 in Sri Lanka |