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The Future of Iketani

081218_img_0543_resized   This is a report of a village revitalization meeting held in Iketani on December 5th.
Over 20 people, including the villagers and involved parties, got together at the Iketani village Meeting House.  Each participant has a different stance on the issues; however, they all share a common ambition for “Village revitalization in Iketani”.  Although the meeting was scheduled for 3 hours, the meeting went on for 4 hours due to the heated debate.

  Winters in Iketani are extremely cold, and the day of the village rivitalization meeting was a cold, snowy day.

  Once there is ample snow on the ground, the Snow Busters program will be held as part of the Village Revitalization Volunteers program.  Since the snow removal is physically tough work, the work of the volunteers will be of great help to many elderly people in this village.  Both the villagers and JEN are looking forward to your participation.

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