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The Challenges of the Orphans

081211_dscn2968s_low JEN is surveying in detail in order to decide the distribution site of the shelter kit.
The other day, during the needs survey, JEN met four children. The four were brothers who lost their parents and lived with their relatives because of the Cyclone. However, their relatives are out of work and have their own child, so they cannot make a living for the other four children.

Generally, children without parents are recommended to go to a foster home run by the government. However, because of the possibility that siblings become separated, the relatives decided to take in the four brothers together.

In addition to their own child, it is very difficult to send four children to school. Therefore, there is a chance that the children will stop going to school to work instead. Their life is tough, but they somehow manage to take care of the four orphans.
Through the children, we were able to see that Cyclones not only cause physical damage, but influences lifestyles in many other ways.

JEN is planning for future programs while proceeding with the present shelter distribution programs.

December 11, 2008 in Myanmar |