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Seeking Allah’s Forgiveness

20081225_tauba_chongizerin_low_2  During the assessment visit, I found so many broken tape recorder cassettes on the street and the reels were tied here and there by the children. Some of the children were still playing with the broken cassettes. The numbers of cassettes were so much that one can hardly avoid.

I asked a local resident; an old man namied Zia Ul Haq, sitting aside. After the greetings, I asked him about the reason why so many broken cassettes are left behind on the street.

He explained to me that his village fellows think that the earthquake happened because of the misdeeds and sins of the people. Allah has given a warning for the people to stop practicing forbidden deeds of Islam. Therefore the people decided to commit “Tauba” (Asking for Allah’s All Mighty Forgiveness for One’s Sins).20081225_tauba_chongizerin_1_low_2

Most of the people think that Music is also forbidden in Islam and therefore they broke all their music cassettes into bits and pieces to practically commit “Tauba”.

December 25, 2008 |