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Practice! Practice!

20081204research_training_3_low   JEN conducts various surveys when designing its assistance projects. This is through a Needs Assessment Survey in which JEN identifies local people’s requirements and prioritizes among them, a preliminary survey for fact finding before the project implementation, and post-evaluation survey etc. Qualitative data collection is not an easy job as such information is not measurable, and it depends on the enumerators’ skills to what extent useful information is collected.

  JEN recently organized an internal training to improve the survey quality just before starting one. Experienced staff members played the villagers’ roles, to who young staff asked questions to those who were going to work as enumerators in the survey. Others observed how both of them worked and reflected on what they found good and identified areas for improvement.

  Young staffs were impressed by the demonstrations the experienced staff showed acting as villagers. They acted as if they he was real villagers, which helped us feel how the survey interview would be in reality,’ they said. Through this JEN’s field staff members, with various different backgrounds, got close to those people in the villages in need, and their good performance was the key to a successful project implementation. JEN will keep supporting them to meet their needs for their best field work from every aspect.

December 4, 2008 in Sri Lanka |