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Best use of Sheep

081211_1__2  People here in Balochistan are eating dried meat in the winters. According to them, this meat can keep them warm during the cold weather. The process of drying the meat is very interesting. (pix:  Drying the Laanday meat of sheep)

1. First they slaughter the sheep and then they remove the skin with so much care.
2.  They remove all the organs from the body. They make pieces of the meet, fats and bones and paste a lot of salt on it.
081211_2_ 3. They hang the peaces in the sun light. In the night they put some clothes and Plastic sheet on the meat to keep it dry from the due. They are keeping it in the sun light for at least 3 months. When it becomes crispy it means it is now eatable.(pix:  Drying the fats part of sheep)
4.  They cook some meat in the winters after every 2 days. And if they have any guests they cook that Laanday meat for them. People in this area are so much hospitable. The important thing is that they don’t use cooking oil or Ghee to cook this food; they cook this dish in the dried fats of the sheep. It tastes fantastic. When JEN staff is going for assessment or distribution to the villages, a lot of villagers are insisting to present cooked Laanday meat for us. But it is very difficult to eat it every day, because it needs a very strong stomach to digest this strong meat. 081211_3_ (pix: Cooked Laanday food)

Laanday is their traditional food in the winters. They don’t eat this food in the summer, because it is very heavy and hot.(pix: Local made Jerry can made by sheep leather (Mashkeeza))

081211_4_ The removed skin of sheep is also very useful for them. They stitch all the holes of the removed skin except the hole of throat with strong thread. When it is ready to use, the women are bringing it to the springs and wells to fill the water in it. It keeps the water cold in the summer and keeping it warm in the winters. The water doesn’t freeze inside in it in the minus degrees temperature. (pix: Local made Jerry can made by sheep leather full of water (Mashkeeza)081211_5_ )

December 18, 2008 in Pakistan |