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Tools and Seeds for Life

20081106_seeds_distribution_in_vaha JEN provided 10 kinds of farming tools such as hoes and axes, and seeds of maize, peanuts and long-beans for 360 farmers in six villages in Kiran DS Divisions. The majority of local people in this area made their living by cultivating land that used to be jungles  and organizing their small-scale farms in a traditional manner, and they lost their farming tools and seeds while they were evacuating during the civil war, which made it hard for them to get back to their farming activities.

They expressed their gratitude when they saw examples of JEN’s assistance ‘JEN gave us seeds and farming tools at the right time that supported us a lot.’

We haven’t had enough rain for cultivation because of the delay of rainy season this year. But returnees have already started to cultivate their lands with hope for peace in their new lives. JEN sincerely wants to have rain, which brings not only water for their crops, but fortune for their lives.

November 6, 2008 in Sri Lanka |