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Six Months After The Cyclone: The Need For Psychosocial Care.

27nov_dscn2683s_low   Presently, JEN is surveying the villages to decide which village to distribute the additional 1500 emergency shelter kits.

  The other day, when JEN asked the villagers, “What do you need the most?”, the response was “We want our children back”. This villager lost two of their children in the cyclone.

  In order to provide the support of what they really need, JEN needs to survey and ask various questions to the villagers. However, when JEN encounters this kind of response, there is no way to react other than to be stunned and listen. 

  Six months after the cyclone, even as our activities in Myanmar are getting organized, these kinds of words strike us strongly. We even feel helpless that we are unable to do anything for them to help with this matter.27nov_dscn2686s_low  

  The representatives of the villagers have also lost a lot of family members. The representatives do not show their sadness and are dedicated to assisting the other villagers. Working with such villagers gives JEN the day by day courage to “not stop, just do our best in what we can”.

November 27, 2008 in Myanmar |