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Rain and Planting - Climate change affects here, too

20081105_muliwatuvan_beneficiary_lo  Rain has finally come last week to moisten the entire district of Batticaloa. It should have come at the end of September, and people have been waiting in this dry climate to start planting.

Villagers, who had waited for the planting time by preparing their land, immediately started planting after the rain. They looked glad and relieved that the long awaited rain drops finally reached them.

All they can do is to pray for more rain in the same way every year. However, in recent years, people   can’t rely on regular weather seasons, and this further threatens returnees’ unstable lives. As villagers totally depend  on the natural condition for their livelihood, and assistant partners like JEN face challenges in directing when to prepare and send resources to assist them.20081111_placing_seed_mullivattav_2
Picture 1: Villagers preparing their lands using tools distributed by JEN (BEFORE RAIN)

Picture 2: Villagers planting seeds distributed by JEN (AFTER RAIN)

November 20, 2008 in Sri Lanka |