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Local Residents and Supporters Meet

20081115sdkiribarachabomission_low Ms. Kazuyo Katsuma, a member of “Chabo!” writers group together with the JEN’s Bord members, visited the project sites. For the people in the field, it was their first time to see so many Japanese people at once. Children greeted them with songs of welcome, and enthusiastic messages were delivered from the teachers to Ms. Katsuma and her party.

Roads to the sites are in bad condition and its location is where the assistance is difficult to reach. The local people were able to feel the warm support from Japan more directly by this visit of these Japanese supporters.

Ms. Katsuma’s message of “Let’s plan what to do together ”, hopefully became a  symbol of the first step supporting the peoples’ self-reliance.

November 20, 2008 in South Sudan |