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About Shelter Distribution

20nov08_165s_low_2     Today, we will explain how shelter kits are distributed to the villagers.

  First, JEN conducts a needs assessment on the local needs of shelter-kits and determines which villages to distribute the shelter-kits to.

  After JEN has determined the villages to which our shelter-kits will be distributed, JEN asks those villages to set-up a committee to receive the shelter-kits.

  Subsequently, JEN asks these committees to compile a list of house owners who will receive the shelter-kits.20nov08_dsc02469s_low

  Members of the committee check the number of shelter-kits upon each arrival.

  After the shelter-kits have reached the villages, the committee summons all members of the village who will receive the shelter-kits. The recipients are asked by a committee member to seal their thumb marks on the document to confirm that the shelter-kits have actually been delivered to them.

20nov08_dsc09141_low_2   Villagers exhibit various emotions when giving their thumb marks. Some villagers express their utmost gratitude to donors, while others show empty faces because of the loss of their family members. Some enjoy chatting with others and some become nervous because of their lack of thumb marking experiences. Among them, villagers who showed empty faces comprised a majority of the recipients and JEN are always concerned about them.

  We are aiming to effectively conduct our support to deliver aid to people who need it most; JEN always take into consideration the necessary supports for those villages with empty faces when leaving the village.20nov08_img_2782s_low

November 20, 2008 in Myanmar |