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Session 3 of “Let's Go To Tambo!!” - Part 1

081009037_low_2   -Finally, it is time for harvesting the rice.-

From on September 26th to 28th 2008, 20 young people of the age 20 to 30 got together in Iketani village, where the villagers are in their 70s.  These young people are participants of “Let’s Go To Tambo!! Session 3”.  This time is the last session of the 3-part series, harvesting rice in paddy field. 

The rice we had been planted with our own hands in May. They had golden ears and have now grown in a full-grown and strong way.  We planted these in the spring, weeded at the paddy field during the summer.  The rice which we had spent careful time to grow have now blossomed, and now it is finally time to harvest.

I have never harvested rice! So I was extremely exited and headed to the Tambo with a grain sickle.  The splendid golden rice field spread before me.


There was hardly any time to be impressed, I walked into the paddy field in a hurry to catch up with the villagers, who had already started harvesting in the village.081009073_low

To be continued:  by Tomoko, Yatabe (Management Volunteer)
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