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A New Lifestyle

Dscn2368s_low Families who have got a place to live by means of distributed shelter-kits are starting their lives afresh. In a village which JEN visited during the monitoring purposes, JEN was happy to see villagers not only deploying a shelter-kit and living in it, but also organising and customising the interior and exterior of the houses to match their lifestyle.

JEN has found an interesting common trend amongst villagers through post-distribution monitoring. The first thing the people of Myanmar do after they have finished deploying a shelter-kit is making a Buddhist altar. Many people are devout Buddhists in Myanmar. Even though they do not have a lot of belongings, it seems to be very important for them to make a Buddhist alter. In all the houses we have visited, we have found Buddhist altars. The villagers’ living is recovering to pre-Cyclone standards in the villages in which JEN has distributed shelter-kits. 

Dscn2371s_low On the other hand, there are still local people suffering from a lack of places to live in villages where JEN has not been able to distribute shelter-kits. To improve such conditions, JEN is planning to continue the distribution of shelter-kits.

October 2, 2008 in Myanmar |