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Village Development in Niigata: Volunteers Wanted!!

Recruiting Village Revitalization Volunteers for Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake 2008

~The Challenges facing a Village to Overcome Depopulation after the Earthquake~ 

In 2004 an earthquake of great magnitude devastated the region of Niigata. Despite this tragedy, Iketani and Iriyama of Tokamachi have stood up and faced the damage and started the reconstruction process. Iketani and Iriyama are small settlements consisting of a total of 6 families. Of these 6 families, 4 families consist solely of elderly people, and therefore the village faces the threat of depopulation. Despite this, the elderly are engaging in village revitalization efforts with huge energy. Since 2005, JEN (An international NGO) has aided the busy farming season and recruited volunteers to assist towards their recovery. This year JEN is aiming to establish a system for the continuous return of volunteers to Niigata. Project volunteers are an essential component of the village recovery. We urge you to apply!

Activity Information
The revival of the region affected, adjustment and relief of the villagers environment, conservation, farming with the villagers, helping with the preparation of the harvest festival, collaboration with the locals.
The activities listed may vary with the season

2008 Schedule:
(1st ) 2nd May (Fri)-5th May(Mon) 4 days - Completed
(2nd ) 9th May (Fri)-11th May (Sun) 3 days - Completed
(3rd ) 20th June(Fri)-22nd June(Sun) 3 Days - Fully Booked
(4th ) 12th Sept (Fri)-15th Sept (Mon) 4 Days
(5th ) 3rd Oct (Fri)-5th Oct (Sun) 3 Days - Fully Booked
(6th ) 24th Oct (Fri)-26th Oct (Sun) 3 Days
(7th ) 31st Oct (Fri)-2nd Nov (Sun) 3 Days

The Iketani Branch School (A school that was closed 23 years ago has now been refurbished for your use as a lodging facility)

Available Space
15 people per session


3 days (2 nights) - \6,000
4 days (3 nights) - \8,000

Trips inclusive of lodging and food expenses

Transportation costs are not included, therefore you must make your own way to the location. The location is accessible by car or train.

Assembly Time/Place:

The entrance to the Tokamachi Station of the ‘Hoku Hoku Line’, Tokamachi, Niigata
Friday 07:30pm

■Departure time/place:

The entrance to the Tokamachi Station of the ‘Hoku Hoku Line’, Tokamachi, Niigata
01:00pm on the final day
※The time of departure may vary with the activity


The trip will stop taking volunteers when the number of participants is full for any of the trips.
For more information, please contact us.

How to join in:

First download our application form and fill in the necessary information. Please send the application form by Fax or email. If you do not have the above then contact us by telephone and then we will send you the application form by mail. After your application has been received, JEN will verify the information and contact you again. Once we have verified your application, we can finalise the necessary arrangements. The link of the application form is below:

What to bring:

Gloves( non-slip )、long boots/rubber boots、long sleeved shirt, hat, mask, rain coat etc.
-Please contact us if you would like to borrow a pair of boots

Contact Information

JEN- Tokyo Headquarters’ executive office,
Contact - Endo
※This program has been made possible due to the collaboration of the Tokamachi Regional Development Planning Committee

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