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The Completion oftoilets in the Orphanage

080904_low   With the support of the Chikuma International Exchange Association and others, JEN constructed four toilets in an orphanage in the Charikar region of the Province of Parwan.

  130 children, who have lost their parents and relatives in the  long war, live at the orphanage and  make the most of the opportunities offered to them in these difficult times. However, the level of hygiene  at the orphanage  is unacceptable, There was only one single toilet so the children had to go outdoors.

  Government support is insufficient for the children living at the orphanage so it is important to let them know that there are people who care about them  who are working to improve their  sanitary situation.080904_low_2

  Shar Muhmmed (14) living at the orphanage exclaimed , “Before JEN put in the toilets, we only had one  that was very dirty. Now we have new toilets, and it is very clean.”

  JEN hopes to continue  the improvement of education and sanitization at orphanages with your support.

September 4, 2008 in Afghanistan |