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The 4th Session of Village Revitalization Volunteering

080925_1 This time, the revitalization volunteering event was held from September 12th to 15th for 4 days and 3 nights, instead of for 3 days and 2 night, with taking advantage of the “Keirou-no hi (Respect for Senior Citizens)” day, which is a national holiday in Japan.  This was the last session to mow the rice for this year.  8 participants held mowers and hand scythes and mowed along the fields with the villagers.

We have been carried out mowing since this June.  This time the climate was much more comfortable than the boiling sun in the summer. Although we worked in the rain, we completed it without any incidences.

What we had been afraid of the most was injury.  Especially blades of machines are spinning so that we have to be careful dealing with them.  Mr. Sakane, the head of the village, said in the banquet that “I was relieved because there was no injured people despite the fact that I had worried about it the most.080925_2
By the way, harvesting rice will begin soon.  The next activity in Iketani and Iriyama is the last session of “Let’s go to TAMBO!!”.  The rice planted in May has been growing steadily and is waiting for harvesting. 

Click here the latest news of the rice planted in the program of “Let’s go to TAMBO!!”.

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