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Psychosocial Care through Reading Picture Books

JEN’s activities encourage children to draw, play games, read books and listen to stories being read to them.
The photo shows a box with 30 picture books.
This area is away from town, and children do not have many chances to see picture books as schools and libraries nearby have ordinary books and newspapers, but not picture books.

Children enjoy reading books and picture books on their own, yet they often ask JEN’s staff to read books for them, and recite poems in the evening time.
Local people drop in on their way back from their work, enjoy a peaceful moment watching the happy children.

JEN bought these picture books and boxes from a Sri Lankan NGO, “Surangani Voluntary Services.
” SVS’s representative is a Japanese woman who supports pre-school education. JEN will keep making use of these local resources to create programs that make local people happy.

September 11, 2008 in Sri Lanka |