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Let’s support a village by purchasing safe and trustworthy rice

Iketani and Iriyama are sites for one of the largest production areas of “Uonuma Koshihikari ” which is high-grade rice in Japan. The 2008 Summer Edition of JEN’s newsletter included a flier about this rice.

This year, the rice produced at Iketani and Iriyama was named “Yama-Shimizu-Mai”- which means “rice grown with clear water from mountains. The flier included a photo of the scenery of a beautiful rice terrace in Iketani where the rice is grown. With this newly decided brand name, it is expected that “products of Iketani and Iriyama” can be emphasized. The rice that is being grown by farmers and volunteers will be harvested in autumn and be sold. Of course, the harvesting is going to be carried out as an volunteer activity.

As those of you who joined weeding activity may know, the “Iketani & Iriyama” rice is grown with as little pesticides as possible. Therefore the rice is “safe and trustworthy”. Nowadays, people seek food which is “safe” and “domestic”. Yama-Shimizu-Mai is valuable rice which meet both of these criteria.

This April, JEN sold this rice at JEN’s booth in “Earth Day Tokyo 2008” held in  Tokyo.Some customers who purchased this rice said “I bought this rice because I can support the village”. There are means of supporting the village not only by joining the volunteer activities but also by purchasing the rice.

Click here to purchase “Yama-Shimizu-Mai”

September 11, 2008 in Niigata |